A Docker🔗 is an application that runs in its own sandboxed environment with all its dependencies. It can use as little or as many resources as the system has. The important thing about a docker is that if one crashes, the system is still functional. Typically with a regular application, if it crashes, the entire system crashes or becomes unresponsive.

Install docker on your system here🔗.
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Portainer is a graphical user interface-based Docker Container orchestrator🔗. This means you can deploy dockers via a web interface rather than YAML text files on the terminal. It also allows you to see what resources are being used by the docker easier, and can be reverse-proxied out to the web so you can access Portainer from anywhere in the world securely.

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WordPress is a GUI-based website builder, or WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)🔗 editor. It is popular with bloggers and small businesses as it allows you to design and deploy a website without having to know any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. Of course, you can tweak the site to your liking but editing such code. It has a wide-array of plugins and themes to fit your needs.

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MariaDB is a SQL database built upon MySQL🔗, also called a fork. It improves on speed and replication, allowing many more connections and resiliency. It is the choice of many for its reliability and scalability, only competing with PostgresSQL🔗 for relational databasing.

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Nextcloud is a self-hosted indexed-file🔗 management and sharing system, similar to google drive. You can allow people to sign up to it and change their permissions to allow them to do as much or little as you like. With a reverse-proxy🔗, you can make Nextcloud accessible anywhere in the world and have your own cloud drive, managed and controlled entirely by you.

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YOURLS is a free, open-source link shortener that you can host and attach to your domain. This way you do not have to remember long links and can use or share out shorter ones. In addition, you do not have to worry about someone else managing your links or the website disappearing. YOURLS is completely yours, and customizable with plugin support such as SLEEKY🔗 to give it a modern design, frontend and backend.

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Apache Guacamole is a swiss-army knife, dockerized Remote Access Server🔗. It allows you to connect to clients with SSH, Telenet, RDP, and VNC via the web browser. You can create users and delegate them permissions to certain machines, and can categorize machine remote connections to your liking. A remote host connection offers tons of customizability and will be a great addition to your environment.

What are dockers referred to as?

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