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Cloudflare is commonly known for being a Domain Name System provider. Interestingly, they are much more than this. Cloudflare also operates as a proxy🔗 and content delivery network service🔗.

In addition, Cloudflare allows tunneling with this CDN to bypass hurdles such as not having a Public IP address or Carrier Grade NAT🔗.


With Cloudflare Proxy, you can have all traffic pass through Cloudflare servers before reaching yours. This can provide protection against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks🔗, region blocking and access control.

Testimony of Cloudflare Proxy


With Cloudflare Content Delivery Network, your website can be cached in multiple regeions so that traffic is not hitting your server. This reliefs bandwidth on your server (aka Origin Server). Also, visitors of your site can connect to the closest server, resulting in better performance and faster load times.

Brief Explanaton of Cloudflare CDN


Cloudflare offers free tunneling service between you and their proxy servers. This way you can bypass CGNat or having a Dynamic Wan IP address.

Setting Up a Cloudflare Tunnel


Cloudflare offers the ability to provide Dynamic DNS🔗. This allows you to serve content with an Internet Service Provider that will not allocate you a static IP address. Using a Docker, you can automatically update your WAN IP address in Cloudflare's DNS records.

Setting up Cloudflare DDNS with Docker


Cloudflare offers the ability to secure your website with free SSL / TLS certificates🔗. Not only is traffic encrypted betwen your server and site visitors, but the certificate is verified by Cloudflare's Certificate Authority so all devices trust it. In addition, the certificate is valid for 15 years!

Setting up SSL with Cloudflare