HOSTYOURS is a website crafted to empower you with the knowledge to pursue a homelab.

Mission Statement

With the world integrating technology more and more, every individual is gaining more of a digital footprint. With each new day, reliance on technology is at an all-time high. This also means more data and services with respect to corporations.

We can mitigate the scope or corporations in our lives by implementing our own solutions to meet our needs. Ones that are easily maintained and scalable at our discretion. That means zero lock-in with a particular corporation, and full control of what happens with your data.

While this website is not a full-on guide on how to fulfill this mission, it will point you in the right direction for each step and allow you to investigate further into the topic. While servers might seem like a difficult subject, awesome open-source projects have made it easier now more than ever to set one up and provide basic, yet essential service for yourself and others.

The widening scope of the internet allows more possibilities, even for the average joe. With a great open-source community, the idea of a home lab is becoming a vital part of Information Technology growth and personal development.


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